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I am an marketing and advertising major here at Syracuse University. Graphic design is an essential part of the advertising field, especially for making print advertisements. All of the billboards that consumers see when driving down the street, advertisements that readers view within magazines and all the posters people view when using public transportation are all due to the artistic abilities of graphic designers. Graphic design is extremely important to my field because graphic designers are able to accurately depict the story clients and art directors are trying to tell through the use of technology.


An example of how graphic design supports the field of advertising is through this Dove advertisement. Here, graphic designers are able to help depict the message of natural beauty and allowing women to appreciate their beauty spots. This graphic design helps to show that Dove is a supporter of embracing natural beauty.

dove advertisement


Another example of the necessity of graphic design in the advertising field is through this McCafe billboard. For this billboard, graphic design helps to depict the products that McDonald’s McCafe has to offer through a comedic tagline and Iced Mocha.

McCafe Advertisement



The advertising industry would not be as persuasive and successful without graphic design. People in the advertising field use graphic designers to create and design the story they are trying to portray. Without graphic design, many messages would not able to be accurately portrayed. It is clear that graphic design is a crucial part of the advertising field.

Brianna Dutton

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  1. I agree that graphic design is an essential part of the advertising field as what we see on advertisements are graphic designs. And without it would definitely not allow to portray messages accurately.

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