Design and the Industry: Journalism

I am a Newspaper and Online Journalism major and I think that design is extremely important within the journalism industry, as it influences the way different publications are perceived. Design helps enhance readers’ experience when they browse through a print or online news source, and a well-designed news site/print publication is easy to read, pleasing to the eye, and establishes a certain recognizable brand identity. Design can help people figure out the target audience of a certain publication, as well as the “voice” of that publication.


The New York Times has a very distinctive look and layout to it that makes it instantly recognizable, as well as easy to browse through. The austere masthead indicates that this is a serious and respected newspaper, and the use of typeface, the placement of photographs and the headlines all contribute to this brand identity.


Design is also star in magazines, where there is much room for fun and creativity, as seen in the spread above. I think that magazines are just beautiful and fun to look at and read, and this is all due to design elements such typeface, image selection and placement of text.

Design is not just a nice afterthought when it comes to journalistic publications, whether they are online or in print- it fundamentally changes the way we read and engage with certain texts and images. I think that developing a knowledge of good design will vastly help me in the journalistic industry, and I hope to someday contribute to the design process myself because I think it’s really exciting and enjoyable.

Rawan Ashoor

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