Design behind it

When we see an object, we made so many assumptions about this object. What it does? How can people use it? Do we want it? How much do we think it should cost? Most of time, we do not see the designers behind it. Anything that is made by a man, that is designed by a man. People usually see the use of it, may not the design of it. To some extent, designers treat their jobs not only as designers for object but designers for life styles. They look into the future. They concentrate on what is going to happen not what has already happened. We already have Apple, people do not just want Apple in the future, they want something else. Create what they want is designers’ problems. People seldom discuss about how these things really affect us. These things fulfill people needs and make our lives more interesting.

After watching this video, I found being a designer is such an amazing job. it is their responsibility to make our life more gorgeous. People get used to it, so they did not realize what if our world be like without designers. Yes, we can have bed, for example, but not that cute and comfortable. I also want to mention the toothpick. neglect the design behind it. I have seen this type of toothpick when I was little girl. Back to 10 years, a box of it only costs around 10 cents. And the design of this toothpick has never changed. I did not kown the design behind it untill I watched this video. It was designed by a Japanish designer. Each of the little one can make itself a toothpick rest.

Jingpo Li

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