Design Delights

I was both informed and delighted (sorry) by Milton Glaser in the movie. As a magazine major I loved hearing about the origins of NY mag and learned a lot about the interplay between content and design. Seeing the examples of posters Glaser created changed my idea of what a poster could be. For my own project, I had quite a formal and traditional layout but after hearing about how much Glaser loved poster work because of the space there was to play, I decided I wanted to try something a bit more fun.

Glaser is an eccentric guy, and I liked seeing how he brought his personality to the design world. His much commented upon comment about how design should look like it “just happened” emphasized for me something you said in class about design being about responsive. I feel like my poster “just happened” and although for this project might not be the best or criteria involved solution the idea about design overall is one I really like.


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