Design is Everywhere

I think what struck me most about this documentary was the fact that I’ve never really appreciated that behind absolutely everything that I use in my day to day life, there was a creative mind behind it. Something as simple as a vegetable peeler that fits comfortably in your hand took hours upon hours of brain storming, modeling, and testing before it ended up in your kitchen.

This documentary, and this class as a whole, has opened my eyes to the idea that the best designs are the ones that look like they took absolutely no work at all. That’s not to say that if I just threw one of my sketches onto a poster it would be a great design, but what I’m trying to communicate is that effortless simplicity is the key to effective design. Whether it’s in the shaping of a typeface or the shaping of a vegetable peeler, design shouldn’t make its user or viewer do any work, it should lay it all out for them so that all they have to do is enjoy its benefits.

Zoe Farrell

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