Design Is Not That Complicated

When I came into Graphics 217, I was really skeptical and I must say, a bit nervous. With no prior knowledge of Indesign or Illustrator, I was stumped as to what I would be able to come up with.

After watching “To Inform and Delight,” I was really inspired by Glaser mostly because he was so personable. In the previous film, Helvetica, I felt like they threw together a bunch of professionals with big, fancy titles to talk about how important the typeface has become. Contrastingly, Glaser talked about his entire life, his childhood, his beginning years, his wife, and his failures. I found it really easy to relate and understand his message.

More importantly, Glaser consistently emphasized the idea that his work did not necessarily have to be complicated or complex in order to be considered successful. When he talked about his ideas, and the process he took to produce his final product, I realized that what he was discussing and explaining were things I was capable of doing myself.

Instead of being scared or assuming I do not have the ability to create and design, Glaser ultimately pointed out that designing does not have to be difficult to be successful.

The only flaw that I saw in the film was the fact that Glaser constantly was talking about himself and his accomplishments. In some areas it did begin to come off as a bit cocky or conceited. I strongly doubt this was Glaser’s intent however, it became somewhat apparent by the end of the film.


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