We walk around every day, using doorknobs, using our phone, typing on the computer, using forks and knives, writing with a pen. All these things were designed with a specific purpose in mind and we never really take the time to realize how much effort was put into making the perfect sized door knob, or the way that our phone fits in our hands, or the curve of our toothbrushes.  In the movie, Objectified, they said that “Good design should feel undesigned.”  This spoke to me because it makes you truly think about how natural the design of most of the objects in our life seem. Designers know what we need before we know that we need them. Being two steps ahead, is being a step behind in the the world of design.  When the thought process behind creating a new potato peeler was described, I realized that shapes and curves of objects have been changed to increase our comfort. If the design of any of these were changed, we would not be able to use many of these products in the same way, with the same comfort level as usual. Design really does matter in every way, shape and form.

Kerry Judge

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