Design & The Industry: The Notorious “Spin-Doctors”


Spin-masters, flacks, truth-twisters, etc; the professionals in my field have been called it all. Many people believe that public relations specialists spin the truth about celebrities, scandals, news stories, tragedies, etc. The real truth however, is public relations specialists spend all their time making sure the story is straight, as well as making sure they control the information going out to the public.

Graphic design is used heavily in the PR world. It is used for posters, promotions, branding, logos for companies, blogging, newsletters, brochures, press releases, etc. Graphic design is often used to send a visual message to the public. It is needed in PR to successfully target an audience and then deliver the message visually. I believe that learning graphic design skills and software will help me in the future in the field of PR, as well as set me apart from other PR students that won’t learn these skills. Having basic graphic design skills  is crucial in the PR field because it is used so frequently.

The field of public relations would be drastically different. Everything would be disorganized and full of text. There would be no creativity, no brands would be different from one another, newsletters would be the same typeface every week with so photos, colors, contrast, alignment and all the other tools that go into creating an amazing design. Graphic design is needed because there is always the need for something NEW and DIFFERENT, especially in the world of public relations. Although it is important to know that more PR firms, or in house either have their own graphic design artists or they hire one, but having the skills doesn’t hurt.

Here are two examples of graphic design in public relations. On the right is a newsletter design and on the left is a brochure design.

Newsletter summer coverdownload

Shanitra Fulgham

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  1. I agree completely. PR is all about promotions and getting the word out. If you want to get someone’s attention, you have to do something different. People in the industry also have to know how to design in multiple layouts and it is important to know how to do all types of graphic design tools.

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