Don’t forget to breathe.

So here I am, my junior year… and I’m taking graphics AGAIN. Hey now, before you judge… keep reading. I tried taking it last semester, but after only a few classes I became too overwhelmed. In my head I thought, “I’m not a designer, I can’t draw a stick person, I’m going to fail,” etc. So, inevitably I dropped the class.

I had no idea how much thought goes into a simple design. Everything is a design. My laptop I’m using was designed. This sweatshirt I’m wearing was designed. I never put thought into who created typefaces or fonts; I just assumed they had came with my computer. I learned so much in my 3 classes of graphics last semester, and I was so unprepared for the class.

But alas, I am back and ready to give it my all.

A few things that stuck out to me are as followed:

Go to office hours, sketch sketch sketch, and accept the criticism.

I understand the importance of going to office hours, and Professor Strong… if you’re reading this, expect me to be your new best friend, constantly booking appointments with you. When I took COM 117 with Professor Sutherland, I would always meet with him and have him watch my videos before they were due so I knew what I needed to work on. I always strive to do my best, and I hope to achieve that with this class.

Sketching. Ah. This has me nervous. I know sketching is important because it’s nearly impossible to stare at a blank screen and then design something. I’m just a terrible artist with terrible handwriting, but I shall try my best. I am not a creative person, but oh I wish I was. I envy those who can see something in their minds and put it on paper. I, on the other hand will probably have to research designs to get those “creative juices” flowing. Hopefully over this weekend I can sketch or shall I say ATTEMPT to sketch my watermark.

Lastly, accept the criticism. I’m a sensitive person so it will be nerve racking for me to have the class critiquing my work. But, I do want to take advantage of these critiques because I’ve read that they are extremely helpful. Criticism from my peers is always hard to swallow, because I always want to have my work displayed be my best work. I know that’s unrealistic but that’s what I strive for, always.

Shanitra Fulgham

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