Doug Bartow

There was a lot of interesting points to take away with our conversation with Doug designer Bartow. However, the one thing that I felt was the most important was the fact that Doug and his group are able to do multiple tasks for each project. At first one might assume that this would be a negative thing. Doing more tasks? Doesn’t that mean doing more work? However, like Doug said, I believe that it is way more enjoyable to be able to do multiple, and different, tasks for each project, rather than work in an assembly line where each designer is responsible for the same specific task for each assignment. Having to do the same exact task each time? That would drive me mad. Instead Doug and his group are able to focus on different skills for each project. Maybe someone is in charge of the typeface and how the type looks on one project, and then the next he’s responsible for the color used. Not only would this be the most enjoyable method, but I bet it also allows each and every member to keep all of their skills fresh and improve as a whole.

Ari Gilberg

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