Doug Bartow

One thing that struck me about Doug Bartow was his personality. He is down to earth and grounded. He talked with us in a way that was fun and engaging, yet still informative, which was a pleasant surprise. I was almost expecting a lecture of the do’s and don’t’s of being a client, so I was happy to hear a conversational tone of voice.
In his make-shift virtual tour of the studio, I began to think back to the other offices/studios that we have had the chance to see via video. I’m starting to notice a trend: they are all very laid back. They all seem to have an air of an environment that fosters creativity, not one that forces it.
I also liked his advice for clients to let the designers do their work. I can imagine that hovering clients can disrupt the creative process and severely hinder the final product.

Bethany Bourgault

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