Doug Bartow

During our skype session with Doug Bartow, I was surprised by how much he emphasized that his design firm chose which projects are appropriate or best suit their capabilities. I never really thought designers specifically chose which projects they would like to work on and which ones they didn’t, in a professional setting at least. As Mr. Bartow continued, he also spoke about the importance of practicing something that you are passionate and something that motivates you.

When I reflect on my classes, I talk about my Newhouse experience with friends who are also in the school, but I also talk to friends who are in other schools at Syracuse. They explain how they do not feel supported by professors and that they feel like they complete “busy work” assignments rather than projects that advance their skills and creativity. My Newhouse experience is entirely defined by challenging myself and finding new interests that I am passionate about. Mr. Bartow really emphasized the importance of working off your own passion because that is the only way to ensure that you can enjoy what you are doing everyday. Whether that be design, public relations or marketing, I am confident that my education at Newhouse will push me to pursue my interests and I will come across challenging projects that push be beyond my comfort zone. My experience in this design course has done exactly that!

Danielle Hay

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