Doug Bartow

It’s always helpful to learn from someone who has been successful in a related field to your own. When our class Skyped with Doug Bartow, I was intrigued by the scenarios and situations he brought up that a designer has to go through in a daily manner. Seeing Bartow’s office and how he and other designers lay out their work also intrigued me, and his work environment seemed fun and enjoyable for him; which is obviously crucial to one’s success. Bartow looked like he really enjoys what he does and most importantly is also deeply interested in his craft.

I think Bartow really reassured me on some graphic design tips that I was scared to use or test out in my projects. When he was talking about trying out different designs several times, that spoke to me because I’m usually quick to choose my first or second sketch for a design of mine. It was truly a great opportunity to receive advice from a successful professional in the field of graphic design.

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