Doug Bartow

The Skype chat with Doug Bartow was a very neat and interesting thing to do in GRA 217. I enjoyed hearing how a professional graphic designer worked and functioned. It was very interesting to hear how Doug would conduct business. First off, I really liked his office space. I felt that the openness was very helpful for the graphic design process. Next, I found it very interesting in how Doug would take on clients. I was shocked to hear that Doug would turn down potential clients based on whether or not he thought that his company could do the job that the client wanted. I personally respect that Doug does that as it keeps his reputation high in the industry as he now only produces work that is relevant to what he likes which promotes a higher quality of work. It was also interesting to hear about how his team works together. When asked about how his team members got along, I was surprised to hear that they would all generally agree on a design concept. I found that interesting as I would have generally thought that seven different people might have multiple approaches on how to design something for a client. The last thing that I found interesting and surprising was that Doug did not study to be a graphic designer, but instead he learned the skills set after college and used those skills to become very successful and eventually start his own business. As a college student, it was refreshing to hear that your degree doesn’t define you, but what is more important is the set of skills that you learn and can use in a business world.

Nicholas Jannuzzi

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