Doug Bartow: Lessons Beyond the Classroom

Yes, it was insightful and enlightening to see inside Doug Bartow’s studio and gain a sneak peek into the life of a designer. Yes, I learned a lot from him about designing in real life, etc. etc. etc.  But most of all – this session was FUN! In the midst of the last few weeks of the busy, stressed out semester, a meeting with someone like Doug was just what I – and a lot of my classmates – needed.

Doug’s studio was inspiring.  He worked in a creative environment that had just the right amount of mayhem and organization. His co-workers were fun and innovative.  He seemed to have a good work/personal life balance (his company is named after his family for God’s sake!).  And most of all, Doug seemed like he loved what he does. Doug proved to me that you don’t need a complete degree in graphic design to work in the field and love every second of it.  He showed me what it means to truly be doing something you are passionate about and made me realize that being happy in your career is more important than making a lot of money or working for a big, prestigious company.

I have gained such a deep founded love for graphic design these past few months, and Doug embodied, for me, that love in a career where passion can flourish and is more important than any degree or experience. Thank you, Doug Bartow

Lindsay Igoe

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