Doug Bartow

From an honest perspective, at this point in the year, students get burnt out and even uninspired. Thankfully, we met Doug Bartow at the perfect time. The session with Doug really motivated me to get back into designing and creating with a rejuvenated perspective.

A major thing that stuck out to me about Doug was that his background was not designed centered. Passion is a reoccurring matter that I find so many industry leaders and often I find that it took time to discover their passion…it didn’t just come overnight. Doug was no different. Since I have struggled finding my passion, Doug’s word reassured me that your passion doesn’t necessarily come to you overnight. You must take risks in order to become successful.

In addition, Doug’s workspace alone struck me in a wonderful way. It was the perfect organized and unstructured with a positive and contagious energy. I find that environment makes a tremendous difference in my own personal work productivity and Doug’s studio was something I’d love to work within.

Overall, I’m grateful we had the opportunity to interact with working designer in the communications field. Thank you!

Maria Ingaglio

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