“Drawing is Thinking”

After watching the documentary To Inform and Delight, I can say that I have learned a little more about design from the amazing Milton Glaser. The entire documentary was actually really interesting, and I loved learning about such a mysterious man. Going into the film, I had no idea where the “I<3NY” logo had come from. I find it funny that, out of all of his work, “I<3NY” is the one design that experienced the most success. It seems to me to be one of his simplest designs and he does not seem to have a lot of emotion for that particular design.
There are many things in the documentary that stood out to me regarding design. One part that makes me think is when Glaser talks about the use of puzzle in a design. Puzzle works in a design because it causes people to think and solve a problem. and this in turn produces a memory. When someone tries to solve the problem on a poster, for example, they will remember it more than a poster with a simple design. I had never thought of design in this way.
In addition, another thing that impacted me in the documentary was Glaser’s overall attitude towards drawing and design. He believes that drawing is a great way to understand the world, and I thought it was so interesting to see art through the eyes of someone so creative. Glaser states that “drawing is thinking,.” This also means that design can be considered in the same way. We can form a common ground with people all over the world simply through the use of design. We may all be different, but something like a simple drawing can connect us to even the most different people from us.
After watching this documentary, the things l learned in the film will be of use to me in this class because I will do my best to think of design in a different way. Glaser is so passionate about his work, and it is so moving to see how much importance he places on design in our modern society. I am going to try to see design as “thinking,” and I will value the connections it can create.


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