“Excellence Can Exist On Any Level”

When watching “To Delight and Inform”, I found myself getting really interested in the concept of design “just happening” and not looking like its been designed. I began to realize that I never really look at something and think “oh that was designed”, I always just figured it happened. I know this sounds kinda of stupid, but before this class I never really was consciously aware of everything around me that has to be designed. Now that this class has put me in the mode of being more alert to design, I am starting to notice when something feels forced. Glaser stated that work can’t be preconceived and I agree. I often find myself thinking way too hard about an idea then getting frustrated when it doesn’t come to me. I then realize that when I relax my mind and do something else, that’s when I get my idea. I often have to tell myself that its okay to not know where I’m going with something and Glaser helped confirmed that.

Viewing Glaser’s work actually made me change my poster concept. The music in the background was mainly of a blaring saxophone. The sound of the instrument alone has such power as well as its shape, color, and musician who plays it. In a way, I let the idea just come to me rather than forcing an event and creating a poster around it. Instead, I found an object then found an event to fit that.


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