The film we watched in class inspired me once again to think about design in a different way. It showed that design can not only be inspired by things all around us, but can also foster a career that touches many.

I thought Milton Glaser’s story was really interesting. He told how over decades he was able to work with a team to create iconic designs that many of us don’t even know the story behind. I never knew created the I<3 NY logo, and I surprised by the simple thought behind such a widely used design. However, since the design itself is so simple, it’s actually no wonder that the thought behind it was so simple and practical. I had also never seen the modification of the logo after 9/11. I thought that the simple touch of adding a dark mark on the heart was so easy to do, but has a huge impact. It’s funny how something so small can represent so much- it actually gives me more hope for my future designs.

I was also interested by Glaser’s working environment. I thought it was nice to hear that he likes to work with the sounds of children playing in the background as opposed to an uptight studio. His office was cluttered and his desk was amongst the rest of his collegues. I thought this really put the working environment into perspective for me. A design studio had always seemed like a far off, glamorous place to me, but this description emphasized the creative nature of the job. I’m sure working like this only helped Glaser’s creativity and is one of things behind his creative design.

Glaser and his team were able to do so much, including making countless covers for the New Yorker and design’s for international and national products. However I was more interested in the fact that he created thing for simple products like supermarket products. You don’t really think about the label on a soup can as a design, but it actually is. The size of type, picture, typeface used not only contributes to a product’s look but it also aids in it’s recognition by using universal symbols.

Yes, design is everywhere, but the film helped me farther see what it does. By drawing on inspiration from things around us, design can actually help us all.


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