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1. In Graphics, I learned how to use InDesign and Illustrator. I also learned a few new things about Photoshop. I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to learn how to use these programs because I can create super cool things with them. I will carry the skill to use these programs with me forever. I now have the ability to help my parents design an ad campaign for their jewelry business if I wanted.

2. Before this class, I always enjoyed design, but after taking this class I can proudly say that I have developed a keen eye for it. I learned how to come up with an idea and a concept, and how to successfully execute the idea and concept. I learned how to balance all elements on a page to make them seem like they belong. I also learned how to organize things on a page to make it appealing to the eye.

3. Creating a final product that you are truly proud of requires a lot of work. I learned that you cannot expect your first draft of a project to look anything like your final version. With that being said, you cannot procrastinate. If you do, you will run out of time and will hand something in that you are not that proud of. In my opinion, that is the worst feeling ever because I hate handing in work that is not up to its full potential.

4. You cannot get discouraged if your first few drafts are not that great. I can attest to this because all of my final products were different than my first drafts. Even though it is a lot of work, it is worth it because you eventually create something you are proud of. Don’t give up and try to not get frustrated if you don’t like what you designed or if you are having trouble designing. Inspiration is everywhere; look for it.

5. Look to get constructive criticism from everyone, as it significantly helps improve your project. Ask your parents, ask your roommate, ask your classmates and most importantly ask Professor Claudia. She is so helpful and if you put the work in, you will create something you love. She has an eye for great design, so take everything she says into consideration even if you are in love with something she is not particularly fond of.

Tayler Bradford

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