Five Lessons Learned

  1. Time Management– Start early on everything. Make sure to give yourself enough time on each project. Cramming last-minute does not allow the design to develop. Leaving time for your thoughts to develop and new ideas to come will help greatly. Also, it’s not fun being in the Newhouse labs late at night.
  2. Keep It Simple– The simpler ideas are the better ones. A lot of thought goes into a simple design surprisingly. After letting an idea settle, you will want to filter your initial idea to look more defined and make it the best it can be. Each element will have a purpose. Know when it’s good to go with a crazy font or keep it to something simple like Helvetica.
  3. Be Open to Change– Your final project will be great, but that does not always mean it will be your first idea. Be open about changing your concept or initial idea. Getting too attached to a certain idea can be more straining on you in the long run because not everything works out as planned. But it’s okay. Being open to criticism and revising after will be the best thing for a developing project.
  4. Download the Adobe Programs– The free trials of the programs are life savers. The Newhouse labs are great, but having the ability to edit your projects on your personal computer is so much better. Also the student discount goes a long way for the semester.
  5. OFFICE HOURS– Get signed up as soon as you can.  They’re a huge bonus to projects and helps so much with time management. Be prepared for what you want to talk about and be open to the criticism. Ask questions. Professor Strong is a great professor to work with and loves seeing students’ ideas. The appointments get scheduled quickly so make sure to be on top of your projects a schedule appointments.

Connor Fogel

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