Form and Function

I chose this Sunbeam water-heater because I thought it had a pretty fun and unique design.

This sunbeam is pink, hollow pitcher that is about a foot tall, made of think plastic, and very smooth to the touch. It has four transparent, oval-shaped windows to measure the water level and a cord that plugs into the wall.

The function of the object is to heat and boil water. It simplifies the process of heating water on the stove.

I think the designer would have struggled making a design that adds character to a boring household appliance without compromising its function.

The designer probably had the characteristics of the product in mind. This product is meant to make the process of boiling water easier, quicker, and more convenient. The design reflects these ideas and is very sleek and futuristic. The handle is very wide and rounded, which not only gives it a modern look but also complements its function. The solid pink is bold and friendly but still simple and easy on the eyes. The water-level windows are transparent for function, but are oval shaped and slanted in a way that mimics water pouring out of the pitcher. These slanted ovals really add to the design without affecting function.


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