Form and Function

get-attachmentMy form and function is of a glass square-ish block with the Rialto bridge in it from my trip to Venice, Italy this summer. I chose this object because honestly I did not have anything else that was interesting in my room to choose. I also chose this object because it means a lot to me, its one of maybe three things that I brought myself in Italy. Everything else was for my family and friends. The object really stood out to me because it is made of glass and has this illusion of the image of the Rialto bridge in it. Looking at it up close it appears that the image is moving. It is really weird actually. The edges are flat so it is not exactly a square, yet it is still three dimensional. The beautiful paper weight is smooth but extremely heavy, I almost dropped it when I picked it up for the first time. Besides using it as a paper weight, I have no use for the object except as a desk ornament. I like things with stories and when people ask what it is or where I got it from I have a story for them about my trip to Italy. Other than looking pretty it has no use, but I think its intended use of holding a memory is significant enough and or just being for decoration. The designer probably had trouble making the image of the bridge three dimensional in a glass three dimensional figure. It really looks like it took years to design it. I am guessing the image would have had to be imprinted with a laser of sorts. Since the idea seems to be simple but extremely complex to enact. Hence why I think they kept it simple with the bridge being white and the object being made of glass so the bridge can be easily seen from all dimensions. I think the concept was really unique and cool and it definitely sparked my eye while trinket shopping in Venice, hence why I brought it.



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  1. I have always marveled at these glass paper weights with lasered-in images in the middle. I agree that it would look interesting from all different angles since the object it clear. It is cool that, even though it simply serves as a paper weight and decoration, it has a significant meaning to you, since it reminds you of your trip.

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