Function and Form

It took me a while to figure out what object I wanted to write about. I looked through my room and studied several items closely without finding anything worthy of talking about. I decided to take a break from my search and and went on with my usual activities. It was the moment that I stopped looking that I found my object: A entrance wristband I got at a festival in Belgium this summer. I had gotten so used to its presence that I hadn’t really noticed it until I took a step back from my search.

Although initially the wristband was designed to allow me to enter on the festival grounds thanks to the little chip that was inserted in the fabric, now it is just a physical reminder of the good memories I had there with my friends that year, and the previous years we had gone. The fabric against my skin feels warm and comforting. After having worn it for so long, I would feel like something were missing if I were to take it off. The background color is a dark red, and it has purple dots that are the biggest in the middle of the wristband, and that get smaller as they get closer to the edge. Rock Werchter, the name of the festival, is written in forest green block letters, and 2013 is next to the ‘Rock’ part in yellow. The wristband is held together with a small metallic clip that is always cool at first touch.

When designing this wristband the designer had to keep in mind the past wristband designs made the other year. Therefore, the challenge was to create a design that was original and differentiated from the past wristbands, whilst keeping a similar vibe that the last ones had. Also every year’s wristband has the same shape from my experience, so the designer was not able to design every aspect of the bracelet and had the requirements of writing ‘ROCK WERCHTER’ and the year of the event.

I believe that the designer wanted the focus to go on the year 2013, since the yellow color pops out from the red and purple background. The green, although not that vibrant, compliments the yellow, and stands out from the background although not as much as the date. I usually would associate the red and green combination with Christmas, but the purple and yellow help stay away from that association, and maybe that is why the designer used those colors as well. At first, when I think about it, I would not consider those 4 colors to go well together, but the end result proves that it is a combination that works. Also, I think that the designer used dark colors on purpose, so that traces of dirt wouldn’t be as visible.

Now that I’ve studied my wristband with such scrutiny, I know that I’ll never look at it the same way again. Also, I know that when I get next year’s wristband, I’ll look at it much closer then I did this year.




  1. I really appreciate the fact that you chose an object that so many people would overlook when finding something in their room to analyze for this form and function blog post. I completely agree with you when you said the designer chose to emphasize the year 2013 on the band which is why he chose the color yellow. I learned in a film class in high school that yellow is a color that is associated with positivity, the outdoors and optimism. This is a very fitting color for a festival because this is a time to be upbeat, relax and truly enjoy oneself. I think that the sharp color contrast displayed on the entrance band makes it somewhat of a statement piece and would draw the attention of others around you causing them to ask questions because most festival bands are paper and solid colors unlike yours. Overall, I think you picked an awesome thing to analyze and I hope my insight was useful to you!

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