FW13 Speakers 10/17 – Spontaneous

First I would like to state that I missed attending photographer speakers this year as I used to go see many last semester while I was in PHO301. I think their work is inspiring, and although I am not intending to enter that field anymore because I don’t believe that I have the skill, I take their inspiration and apply it to other areas of my life.

Secondly, the speakers lasted longer than I expected so I had to leave after Bob Sacha’s presentation to take care of other responsibilities. However, although I am sure the second speaker was just as great as well, I was satisfied with a few things that Sacha had to say. One piece of advice, I guess you could call it, was to surround yourself with more knowledge and talent that you have. I love this because I believe that no matter how smart someone is, there is always more to learn. And if you aren’t progressing and continuing education, it doesn’t even have to be formal, then you are losing knowledge. Sacha also mentioned something that you have been drilling in our heads from day one: connect to people! Sacha’s example for this was how he turned the Stop Torture in Health Care story into a story about true human pain brought upon by politics. His video was very moving and it definitely connected me to and made me care about the problem. Lastly, Sacha reminded us that we are all here to make a change. He did it with his pain from politics story by convincing the Ukrainian government to allow each patient more pain medicine. I hope that wherever my life takes me I will someday be able to make a change in someone’s life like that. It doesn’t have to be that large even, but what are we here for as communicators if not to help communicate the need for change and impact someone’s life in a good way.

Lastly, I wanted to mention something that your husband, Bruce Strong, mentioned at the beginning of the introductions. He used the letter “r” to come up with a few words of advice for The Fall Workshop team members: Relax, risk, relationship. However, I think that those words of wisdom are helpful for not only the workshop participants, and not only for Newhouse students either, but for all college students. We are here, risking and betting money and time, to receive an education that will hopefully prepare us for the next step. But we can’t always be so serious. We have to relax and build relationships along the way.


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