Gestalt: Apple Logo

The Apple logo is a widely recognized logo that has gained popularity along with Apple’s rise in popularity following its expansion from computers to iPhones and iPads. It seems as if the Apple logo is almost everywhere you look today. The current Apple logo is not the original. Before transitioning to the sleek, modern, silver apple, the previous logo was the same shaped apple, but with multicolor stripes running through it. Today’s logo helped transition the brand into the high-tech and high-end technology company that Apple is today.

One of the Gestalt principles present in the logo is closure. Even though there is a bite missing from the right side, one still perceives the logo to be a whole apple. Also, the leaf poking out of the top of the apple is not actually touching the apple, yet one would still see them as connected pieces.

My first idea as to why there is a bite out of the apple is that it goes along with the saying “stay hungry”. This is one of my favorite mottos and I can see this applying to the Apple logo. While the saying “stay hungry” implies that one should never feel satisfied with where they are in life and instead keep trying to accomplish more, this can also apply to Apple. Perhaps the company decided to make it appear as if a bite were being taken out of the side so consumers can feel compelled to return and buy more Apple products; It is almost as if the logo is saying that whatever item they have just purchased is a mere slice of the Apple family and there are plenty of more products for them to buy and enjoy. Another idea about the logo is more basic: maybe Apple just wanted to send the message that it is a unique brand and that it is no ordinary apple. Either way, the Gestalt principle of closure helps make the logo, and ultimately the brand, what it has become today.


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