Gestalt Principals

The British Petroleum logo is something that most Americans can identify, especially after the recent oil spill.  Although it is a very Simple design, it embodies many of the Gestalt principals.

1. Similarity.  The entire logo is made up of colored diamonds.  Instead of grouping them as diamonds, it is more logical to group them as three different colors: dark green, light green, and yellow.

2. Proximity.  Because the diamonds are touching.  It is easier to see them as three pointed rings in three different colors than it is to see them as individual colored diamonds.

3. Figure/Ground.  The logo is on a white background and is easily distinguishable from the background.


One Comment

  1. Good. … I’d also include continuation here because the rings and curves on the diamonds suggest we move our eyes along them. … And while the green rings are indeed in a stable figure/ground relationship, the white center is ambiguous. Technically, it’s the ground, but we see it as a figure.

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