Gestalt Principles

In the Foursquare logo, there are a few Gestalt principles that are represented. One that is used is similarity, which is between the size of the letters and the color of the letters are similar in color, but different shade. There is also a proximity between the letters that make it flow, also with their small logo of the check. The ball and the smaller end of the check makes it appear as if it had bounced with the path of a check mark, representing the check-in of place. Which that also means that the principle of closure works with it. All of these principles grab the attention of the consumer; it makes them want to purchase this app (which is actually free).

When looking at this logo for the first time, I didn’t think anything of it. Now, with having some knowledge in graphics I can see more into it. Foursquare is an elementary school game that was played during recess. It was basically bouncing a ball while there were four people in four squares. In their logo, there is a ball bouncing in a square and following the check mark that represents the check-in when at a location. Never saw it before, and definitely never thought of it.


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