Gestalt Principles


I love this logo for so many reasons. I think it is so cleverly thought out. The name of the company is City Cat a play off of the phrase kitty cat, a flow of words that is used in everyday language.

Focusing on the type of the words “City Cat” uses Gestalt’s principle of continuation. The “y” in city has a flow to it that allows the reader to move from word to word. In addition, the “y” has this shape to it where it mimics the face of a cat (the nose being where the “y” branches off and the cheeks being on either side of the stem. The glass is not really there, but our mind can still see the image.

The cat itself uses Gestalt’s principle of figure ground. The overall image of the cat goes with the name of the company but within the cat is an image of a glass because this is a brewing company and they want the viewer to remember that.

Proximity is another Gestalt principle used in the logo, where the pieces of the cat could be taken apart but are only powerful because they are together. The pieces are close enough to each other where the mind is able to put together the image of the cat, slightly using the principle of closure between the head of the cat and its body.

I think the color choice for this logo was also very well done. The combination black and white is seen as classy. In addition, the cat is wearing a bow tie which also elevates the brand to be seen as more elegant and not just another brewing company.


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