Gestalt Principles: LuLuLemon Logo


The LuLuLemon Athletica logo has increased in popularity within recent years and the business has successfully developed into something huge as well. The logo is placed on their merchandise in various ways, but it is always spotted. This unique logo contains a few of the Gestalt Principles that affect the viewers perception.

The logo is technically a stylized “A” however a viewer could have difficulty spotting the letter’s shape at first. The “A” stands for LuLuLemon’s original yet unsuccessful name, “Athletically Hip.” The Gestalt Principle of continuation is present in the logo. The eye gravitates towards the bottom left stroke and curves upwards towards the arch of the letter. Once the eye reaches the top of the curve, the shape naturally flows into the opposite lower right corner. Just as a person would write a capital A, the logo contains one swift stroke and outlines the letter. Our eyes follow the shape of the line moving up the curve, gravitating in the same direction from left to right.

Closure also comes into play in terms of completing the capital A. At first, we may not see the logo as a capital A because we are used to seeing a horizontal line stretching across and connecting the two legs. However, in the LuLuLemon logo, there is a slight dip where the two legs almost touch, therefore our eye can form the letter.

The principle of Figure and Ground is clear in the logo as well. The red is an effective color for the background, and the white shape pops dramatically. The logo looks clean and clear. The thin black line outlining the white design allows the logo to stand out to its audience.

As a whole, LuLuLemon Athletica did a great job creating a logo that could be scaled down and placed on their product efficiently. The colors were a smart choice and although some people may view the logo as a person posing in a yoga position or see the shape of a woman’s head/hair, its unique design makes the brand special. The logo conveys athleticism and flexibility, just the way it is designed and placed. It is simple, quick to spot, and the brand has been extremely successful from their logo.


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