Gestalt Principles: Ocean Spray


As I was pondering over which logo I should use to demonstrate Gestalt Principles for this blog post, I looked down at my orange juice and glanced at the Ocean Spray logo. This particular logo is an excellent example, demonstrating several Gestalt Principles while giving clues through the logo’s color, size, shape, and placement. What I first noticed was the similarity. The two different shades of blue, while similar, are still distinguished creating an obvious calmness. The smoothness of the shapes also gives this sense of calmness and stability. The continuation demonstrated is also admirable. Your eye is forced to follow the light blue section of the logo, which creates a wave, one which is an essential part of the logo and represents the brand in general. These two Gestalt principles demonstrated in this logo of Ocean Spray certainly work for me, as this visual communication was crafted admirably.


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