Glaser: To Inform and Delight

The thing that stuck with me the most from the film, “To Inform and Delight,” was how true it was that Milton Glaser is an incredibly public man who leads such a private life. The film showed how down-to-earth Glaser is and this only proved that his passion made his work enjoyable and not get caught up in the chaos that life may throw, as cliche that sounds. His fuel for designing is his drive for making a difference and informing whichever audience he is targeting, and is passionate about each of my many diverse projects he takes on, as every designer should be.

Glaser has accomplished so much, from the “I <3 NY” logo to redesigning Stony Brook University’s look to using his love for food to get into menu design. Yet he and his wife, Shirley, still keep to themselves and their home is secluded within a jungle of bushes and vines, with her collection of African masks. I believe he sets a fantastic example of the mind set that designers, and people in general, should maintain. His “I <3 NY” design sparked from wanting to bring back some optimism into New Yorkers during a time when the city was depressed and isolated. The universal symbol of the heart spoke to everyone and I feel like the American Typewriter typeface brought a sense of familiarity to viewers’ minds, since it was so often seen and used on typewriter-written letters and papers. The thoughts that went into his design always kept the people of New York in mind, as he had, and still has, a strong love affair with the city. Glaser’s designs are always adapting to the times, as if the man is living with the mind of each generation, yet his own style still always emits from his work.

Glaser spoke of his arrogance as a young man, thinking he knew everything about everything, and now knows that he is always learning. He immerses himself in so many different cultures, such as Tibet and Africa, and goes looking for the smallest, unknown restaurants to find the gems of the city for food. Glaser showed me that we can never stop learning and surrounding ourselves with new things and experiences can only add to our inspiration while designing and passion for the work we do.


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