Good design takes revision, revision, and more revision

After reading “Lessons Learned- Class of 2013”, there were various advices that stuck on my head. First advice was to go to office hours and embrace the criticism. It seems it is very important to go to office hours or find someone who could be critical with your work. Who knows, someone might notice the little details that I didn’t notice before. Asking advice from Professor Strong would definitely be helpful as she might suggest me to change the fonts or colors that might fit well with the whole concept of my work. Even if her feedback might take me to completely redo my project, it would appear with better design with great feedback. Since good design takes revision, revision, and more revision, I would ask for another opinion after revisions, before I submit my project.

Other advice that was mentioned repeatedly was to keep with deadlines, and manage your time wisely. I admit that I’m a procrastinator, as I see this blog assignment is due in 4 hours. I should certainly think about how I would manage with the workloads that are assigned, or else I would be stressed about meeting the deadline.

Last advice that kept in my mind was to sketch some more. I do agree with the notion about sketching is important. Design is all about sketching, in my opinion. Although I’m not good at drawing, sketching would still be very helpful when it comes to design. Sketching could help me get my ideas started, and I would be able to imagine what my final project would turn out to be. Hence, I would spare some time sketching and plan ahead for my project.

Hye Min Chung

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