Graphic Design and PR

As a public relations major, I have come to learn that graphic design will eventually play a huge part in my career. Public relations is all about branding a company, team, or even a single person. Along with branding comes tasks like creating a website, designing posters or flyers to promote upcoming events, and managing social media accounts. Also on my own, I will have to create a portfolio to provide to potential employers. When designing images or posters to promote a company, it is important that these images are consistent. Consistency is key in promoting a message, meaning that the public will likely begin to associate a graphic with one company or person if it is used over and over again. For example, if a person sees a famous logo, they will be able to look at that logo and just associate it with the company it belongs to. This is extremely important in the branding of a company. One example is the logo below, which is for Air Jordan, a brand of sneakers. Many sports fanatics, or even just everyday people, would be able to match that logo to its brand.

Another example is the BP logo. After the major oil spill in 2010, many people are now able to identify the BP logo without even having to think about it.

Without graphic design, PR would not be nearly as creative. Public relations is relaying a message, and without the use of graphic design, all of that message would be solely words. This would not be very interesting to the public that companies are trying to communicate with. Graphic design makes the field of public relations much more interesting and effective.

Annie Kelly

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