Graphic Design in Advertising

Advertising simply would not be where it is today without graphic design. The design of an object can determine the viewer’s feelings towards it, whether it’s being attracted to or turned away from the look. This theory is extremely important for brands and especially agencies, the one’s creating the content for the brands. The design of a brand is “the face” of the brand – depicting the personality they want to represent and the message they stand for. For example in the grocery store, there are thousands of items there for you to buy. Some consumers make purchases based on price or repetition of an item, but a creative design can automatically stimulate a person to give the item some attention and essentially purchase it. When thinking of licorice, the mind thinks of Twizzlers and Red Vines, both in long strips and somewhat boring packaging. However, the Panda licorice presents a fun and cute design, drawing attention away from the name brand competition. Panda-Traditional-Soft-Liquorice

A creative and strong brand ensures that consumers not only purchase their goods but remember the product for next week’s grocery store trip.


Another example of graphic design importance is online banners and ad displays. Now, most people hate online advertisements and will do everything they can to skip over it or ignore it. But the graphic design of a banner, if done well, is enough to stop and give it a second look – similar to the licorice.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 12.48.32 PMpost-its-retargeted-hed-2015

Post-It created a new promotional feature to allow the user to type out their own reminder or to-do list post it notes and have it be within the banner ads of the websites they visit. The graphics behind this ad are simplistic – bright colors against a white background. However, it stands out among the website’s content, drawing the user to click on it and use the simulation.

Graphic design is used within every platform of advertising: print, TV, digital, social media, etc. A successful ad is an eye-catching ad which always includes a design element of some sort. The advertising industry would change tremendously without graphics because all of the ads would become dull black and white text with a picture of the item, similar to this old  Tampax ad. TampaxIns1

In today’s society, we are always on the go. Nobody would have the time to read every single word this Tampax ad is saying and promoting about the product. Graphic design allows brands to promote quick messages on all platforms in a fun creative way.



Allison Koerbel

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