Graphic Design in Advertising

I am studying advertising with a dual major in economic. My goal is to be an art director. Graphic design is a basic tool which could be applied in so many fields, because “Graphic design is an aesthetic and philosophical pursuit that communicates ideas.”  Like many graphic design field, though working in advertising will take me beyond creating designs and page layouts, I need to start from the graphic design first!

In an advertising agency, graphic design can be used in many different ways. Graphic design is becoming increasingly important in advertising. Graphic designers are referred as a communication designer. The pace of our lives become faster and faster, people are bored or tired of reading. We are used to capturing images and video to get information. Graphic designers create credits for motion pictures, posters, logos, and signs.


I want to be an art director just like other advertising major students in Newhouse. Our professor always says that our competitors are students from art schools. After I did some research on the Internet, I thought graphic designers typically are halfway between an artist and an art director. The individual creative side of us needs to be explored, we need to see how human see and perceive images. People need to attempt to produce something that usually does no follow advertising formulas. That is the hardest part of advertising and that is what I want to learn in GRA217.2

The word “advertising”, like “commercial art”, makes some graphic designers cringe. I cannot imagine what advertising field would be like if this industry does not have graphic designers! We have seen increased advertising spending on graphic design. In my personal point of view, no matter how great a picture looks like, how creative a poster will be, I think a good ad should contain shortest, simplest meanings. Compared to the posters created 10 years ago, we can see there are few words on an ad. The image itself becomes a communicator.


Jingpo Li

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