Graphic Design in PR

When most people think about public relations (PR), they do not associate graphic design with PR. Graphic design actually plays a major part in PR. One of the major points that graphic design helps with in PR is branding. A goal of PR is to “brand” their client. In order to do this, PR helps to create an image that is recognized universally and that image will be identified in a positive way to represent the client. By creating strong graphics, a PR firm can take their service to another level by making eye-catching posters and brochures. If these images are engaging, they will enhance the exposure that their clients receive which is an important part of PR.

In addition, for PR firms, a firm must have their own graphic design specialist in order to attract more clients to their service. For instance, if Company A had a black and white logo of an A as opposed to Company B which had a colorful and sleek B as their logo, Company B would most likely attract more business as they seem more innovative and creative.


An example of this would be Burson-Marsteller. Burson-Marsteller is one of the largest PR firms in the world, and they conduct business around the world. I feel that this graphic design logo embodies their type of business very well. From this logo, you can tell that Burson-Marsteller is an international company.


Edelman is also one of the major PR firms in the world. If I were to compare the two companies logos as a perspective customer, I would pick Burson-Marsteller as their logo seems more creative and the color scheme gives me a feel that they are going to get results if I were to contract them (red and orange say power).

Another goal of PR is to raise awareness for your clients. By having a good graphic design team, a PR firm will allow their clients to be front and center by drawing attention to their company with graphic design elements and then using their PR skills to promote and advertise for the company once they have the public’s attention.


The state of New Jersey has a PR campaign going and uses graphic design to try and grab the attention of their audience. In this graphic, the PR company uses green and blue to stay consistent with their branding idea of visiting New Jersey’s natural wonders. The green represents the forests and mountains that are in New Jersey and the blue represents the beaches of New Jersey. Above the wording “New Jersey”, the blue lines have a wave like formation and the green lines rise and fall like a mountain. I like this example of graphic design because of all the “hidden” messages that are embedded in such a small and simple image.

If graphic design was taken out of PR, the strategies that PR professionals use would change. PR professionals would no longer be able to create multi-media content that they use to share on social media and other websites. In addition, they would not be able to create brochures on the computer and now would have to create them by hand. The loss of graphics design would be a huge stress on the industry as simple ever day tasks would now take much longer as all of the graphics that are used everyday would now have to designed by hand.

Nicholas Jannuzzi


  1. I totally agree that a PR company’s logo (or any company for that matter) embodies the type of business it is. That being said, I find that they more visually appealing a logo is, the better business the firm will get. The same goes for any PR campaigns. If a logo is unappealing, I feel like people ignore the campaign or think little of it because the logo is not creative or professional looking. While the New Jersey campaign logo has elements that embody the campaign, I find it looks a bit boring. I feel that a logo with a more modern design wold attract more people to the campaign.

  2. I never thought of graphic design having such a heavy influence in PR. But you make a good point about branding. I agree that logos can be a huge factor in gaining clients. I never thought about the colors the way you described it. I find that really interesting and also pretty accurate. But I personally favor the Edelman logo out of its simplicity. I find it very clean and professional. So i would naturally gravitate towards that logo over the others.

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