Graphic Design in Public Relations

Graphic Design is a unique and broad area of study.  It can be applied to virtually any industry, and those who utilize it often are able to get their message across in a more efficient and creative way than those who ignore it.  My area of work, public relations, uses graphic design on a dapicture-9ily basis.  The entire field of public relations is about communicating a certain message about it’s client to a target audience, and graphic design can play a key role in this process.  A great example of this is the Coca Cola company.  Their ads and campaigns have been both memorable and legendary since the company’s beginning.  They use amazing graphic design techniques consistently throughout all of their platforms to deliver unique and creative messages.

Their ads, posters, brochures, websites, you name it.  All are done through graphic design and all are designed to send a message.  Sure, a public relations practitioner could make any of those things through a simple Word document, but would that really send the message that the audience needs to receive?  Everything from the colors chosen to the font says something about an ad, or a poster, or a website. Graphic design can be an efficient way to make sure your design communicates your idea in a creative and clear way that the audience will never forget.  It also helps practitioners keep their message consistent throughout all platforms, which is a key part of a good PR campaign.

090121-Coca-Cola-vmed-11a.grid-4x2Without graphic design, the messages that practitioners try to send would be uncreative, inconsistent, and forgettable.  No graphic design would mean that every company in the world is subjected to use the same fonts, colors and layouts that a simple application like Microsoft Word provides.  It would make all the messages of the world blend together into one big ad.  No one would remember why certain companies stand out among the rest because their message would simply be lost in the noise.  Graphic design is necessary to making PR the creative and expansive field it is, and that’s why courses like this one are necessary for students studying PR to take, so they can ensure that their message breaks through the noise in a creative and memorable way.

Caitlin Kearns

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