Graphic Design: More Than Just an Image

One of Milton Glaser’s most interesting concept he presented was the idea that his designs were able to reinvent the way others see the world. By being an artist and creating graphic designs, he was able to do more than just create images for magazines and posters, he changed ways in which people lived. For example, Glaser says in the film that one of the best things he ever did was an article about cheap restaurants in New York City. This article wasn’t simply a fun piece, but something that had affects on the way people lived. He broke down a wall and made it more acceptable for middle class New Yorkers to eat a cheap restaurants. This concept is something I’ve been realizing more and more as I learn about the ins and outs of graphic design. The fact that an image or an article could have such a strong impact on how people view the world is something I never really understood until I started this class. Communication in every field is such a powerful object to impact the world around us.

Emily Casagrand

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