Great form of expressing ideas

After I watched Milton Glaser’s documentary”To inform and Delight”, I am surprised how a great graphic designer’s opinions on what he does. In the video, Glaser says that when he is drawing or designing poster, it is the process of transforming the ideas to reality, which is amazing and fun. Also, he points out that the most important thing is to let people feel connect to the design( painting, poster) and make sure that they totally understand what you try to say. When we design our poster, it is not meaning the poster that is the most complicated is the best, but the poster that make the audience understand easily is the best. Every color we pick, every element, every typefaces we choose has to help the audience understand what we are trying to say. It is not about how difficult the techniques we use, but about how the idea we have in our mind, and how we efficiently transfer the idea to a real poster and successfully send message to the audience. When I first thought of making a poster, I was afraid because I have no deign foundation and is a bad painter, so I felt stressful and confused.But now I know the idea is the important, and being simple is better to be complicated. When I decided the poster for “Fruit Beer Festival”, I just combine multiple fruit with beer, to make simple but cute illustrations.

Xuekun Su

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