Greg Bleeding, Journey Group

The Skype session with with Greg was very interesting. I loved that he was so insistent on bringing the class on a tour. While to some the tour was the least important part of the video chat, it got me thinking. Everyone seemed very comfortable in the workspace. They were all friendly and seemed to get along just fine. Assuming that is how the employees always act, I think that would be a great, healthy environment to work in.

That is a very important characteristic of a great job. I couldn’t imagine going to work in a hostile environment because I would feel uncomfortable for the entire day and probably would not get much work done. But when you have friendly co-workers, there is communication about work and life, which makes the workday enjoyable.

Other than that, I found his discussion about his relationship with clients to be very insightful. I learned that you must find a balance between using your own ideas and the client’s ideas. At the end of the day, you are working for your client, but incorporating original ideas is important because it allows for a different perspective which can push the final product into becoming very successful.

Because it is Greg’s job to help clients tell a story to their audience, he must make sure he has good communication with them to make sure they are on board throughout the entire process. Communication with clients is very important. My parents own two jewelry stores and are basically the brains behind every ad campaign. Although they hired a graphic designer to physically do the work, I see first hand how they work together to come up with the final product. My parents work together to create a vision for an ad campaign and then describe their vision to the graphic designer. Then the graphic designer takes that vision and creates it on InDesign or Photoshop. After she completes a draft, she shows it to my parents and they discuss what they like and what needs to change until the ad is perfect.

Often times my parents ask for my opinion, and sometimes they take what I say into consideration. It is always good to have multiple eyes on something before completely finishing it because everyone will view and interpret the design differently.

I thought the video chat was a great opportunity to learn from someone in the field. It was cool to see someone use the tools we learned in this class in his real life job. It proves that this class teaches students valuable tools that will be used after college.


Tayler Bradford

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