Greg Breeding

Greg Breeding is a guy full of personality and expertise. I enjoyed this Skype session very much. His talk with us could not have come at a more perfect time. What he brought to the table when showing us Selamta was quite insightful and very applicable to our iPad magazine designs. What I particularly liked — and I think most of my classmates would agree — was the three rules to good design: be consistent, distinct and appropriate. With our magazine designs, we have to design distinct nameplates, but also be consistent. Although we are not designing more than one issue, we have to design the nameplate in a way so that it could carry from cover to cover. We also have to make the nameplate appropriate for our magazine’s topic. It should reflect the magazine in some way.

Breeding also spoke to us about familiarity within issues, carrying an element from the cover into the stories. Even a small element would work. So, currently I am working on carrying an element from my cover into my featured article. It is important because it connects the story back to the cover as well as making each page of the story familiar to the reader.

Morgan Cavalcanto

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