Greg Breeding

Getting a virtual tour that Greg Breeding gave the class of the office space for Journey Group was really interesting. The fact that the office was built into an old ski lodge showed the non-traditional environment of the design studio, not just in the setting but also in the work environment of the employees, who are given a more relaxed, creative space to work in. The “T-model” that Breeding explained that was good for a designer to follow was also very well-explained. The horizontal part of a “T” is the ability to do many things, to stretch yourself out and be open minded and familiar with many topics. The vertical leg of the “T” is a deep knowledge and passion in one or two topic areas. He explained this model as a successful designer in today’s world.

Listening to Greg Breeding speak about Selamta opened my eyes to various things about editorial design, particularly for magazines. The idea of integrating surprise and familiarity made so much sense when he explained it, but I wouldn’t have been able to directly point it out. He provided many examples in which they create familiarity—in the departments, the nameplate, the logo, column widths and the typefaces used—which keep a consistent and comfortable, but not boring, reading experience. He also explained how they keep the magazine surprising to its readers—new feature stories and new captivating images. Though I could point this surprise and familiarity trait out in every magazine I’ve ever read, I never thought about what it was doing for the reader until the guest speaker.


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