Greg Breeding

Greg Breeding seems like such a nice, down-to-earth guy that runs a very cooperative and relaxing business. It seems fun to work for him. I was able to take away a few important lessons from our Skype session. One thing that I noticed was the design of his building, including his office and the “ski lodge.” It seemed to me that, for Greg, it is equally important where one is working compared to what one is working on. I myself have found that it is easier to get in the working mood in some places over others, and that place can be dependent on the subject I am working on. In my poetry class we had poet speakers come in to read to us and have Q&A sessions. Many speakers were asked what their writing process is, and for most all of them their process included having a certain place where they liked to write. Some write well when they are inspired by beautiful scenery, others become more creative when there is nothing to look at. One poet honestly said he writes facing a cement wall. I think that Breeding was getting at the same idea with the ski lodge. To me the lodge was a very open and relaxing space with literal space to grow and develop ideas. Also, the lodge itself it more creatively designed with its exposed beams, big windows, and vaulted ceilings than a regular rectangular room; it serves as inspiration in a way. To me, the lodge showed the importance of finding the perfect place to work that is conducive to my learning style and subject.

The other thing Greg said that I thought was very insightful was the idea of having T-shaped skills. This means to find and develop one skill or area or subject that I have a deep well of love and knowledge in (the vertical part of the T), but to also have surface knowledge in many other skills (the horizontal part). I thought this was a great symbol to represent that idea. I should really develop a skill that I am good and and like doing. That will be my go-to job in the future, my specialty. But I also need to have surface knowledge in many other skills so that I can know what people are talking about if we are conferring about something or I will know how to start if I am assigned to do something using those other surface skills.

Overall I enjoyed the “trip” to Journey Group. It was nice to speak to Greg and some of his employees.


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