Greg Breeding

When I came to class today, I really had no idea that I would be given the opportunity to speak with Greg Breeding. I found his lecture to be incredibly insightful, very useful and relevant towards the future jobs many of us in class might have. Instead of speaking exclusively about what he does for a living, he described working with clients, many of which are in the work fields that we are all looking to enter. He discussed the process of initial client meetings and how he takes an idea of theirs and bring it to life. He starts by writing a proposal where he tries to accomplish the clients goals, list ideas of his own, and create a schedule. He crafts everything into a plan. Next, he (and a team) research all images. They work with a legal team, while designers do image research and editors get the content started. Each step of the way, he makes sure that the client is happy and informed. Once the client approves the initial work, the actual designing begins. Breeding stated that he has to do most final draft things 3-5 times before the client finally approves. I found this part in particular to be extremely unnerving, as even the best professionals out there have to create more than one final design product. Overall, I found all parts of this process to be very interesting, especially since I really didn’t know much about any of these design processes  before.  I loved speaking with Greg Breeding and really enjoyed getting to see behind-the-scenes at such an influential creative agency.


Natalie Landsberg

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