Greg Breeding

While talking with Greg Breeding over Skype, I realized how passionate graphic designers are about perfecting their craft. I really loved his analogy comparing a client trying to take over the designing process to a patient going to the doctor and telling them how they need to be treated. This was really thought provoking to me because I have always thought that the client is the one giving their opinion on what kinds of designs they want or have imagined. However, that would be completely counter-intuitive since the client is paying a professional who actually knows what designs work best.

I also really enjoyed the tour Greg took us on because I thought that the idea of turning an old house into an office is really interesting. The house setting plus the way Greg interacted with his staff made me realize how great of an atmosphere they have at Journey Group. This just showed how each person actually has a good relationship with one another and respects what each person has to bring to the table.

Between the insight Greg gave the class into the design world and the actual tour of his office gave me a twinge of excitement for the future. I’ve always been nervous about what life will be like after college when I’m working for someone, epically in a creative field with all types of creative minds. I’ve always imagined a competitive tone to these kinds of jobs since everyone is trying to prove that they are capable of the most unique ideas. However, when seeing how everyone in the Journey Group office interacted with each other, I felt relieved that everyone was actually friendly with one another. Now I look forward to having my own experience in a job that hopefully is as cozy as their office.

Nathalie Pollack

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