Greg Breeding

The video call lesson with Greg Breeding and his design firm was one of the most valuable lessons I have gotten from this class so far. As a Public Relations major, in the future it is very possible that I will be working with designers often. Breeding’s step by step instructions on how to work effectively and respectfully with designers, along with his break down on what to expect from a designing firm was very beneficial information I know I will utilize at some point in my career. Because of Breeding, I know that if I have a specific and clear vision in mind, and if I can clearly communicate that vision, then both myself and the designers will have a much better time completing the job. I also was unaware of the fact that different designer firms specialize in different areas. I didn’t know that it was possible for a firm to say they only want to focus on stamps, booklets, etc. By knowing this, I can now not only look for the best designer for the job I need completed, but I can search for the best designer in a specific expertise to ensure I’m getting the best work possible. On top of this, I learned designers have pretty cool offices. Seriously, I think that office is officially my dream home.

Caitlin Kearns

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