Greg Breeding

Breeding talked about the importance of departments in giving readers a sense of familiarity and consistency in magazines. Departments are a way for readers to get to know the magazine and a lot of people are drawn towards specific sections of a magazine such as the columns or the or photography. Feature stories are meant to surprise readers and show that they are getting more than what they pay for. This is something I never really considered about feature stories, but I do agree that feature stories are usually much more fleshed out and are generally more appealing than other sections of the editorial content of a magazine. Breeding also mentioned how working with a client and coming up with an appropriate design for the client’s needs is probably one of the hardest parts of the job. He explained three key aspects when designing for a client: appropriateness (is the design solving the client’s problem?), distinctiveness, and consistency (voice, social media, print, etc.) I thought that all three of these points were highly relevant and important elements in building a strong client-designer relationship.


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