Greg Breeding and Creativity

After having the opportunity to hear Greg Breeding speak about Journey Group, the creative agency in Virginia, I was able to learn a lot more about the inner workings of a design agency. One of  the most fascinating parts that I learned about agencies in general is the aspect of specificity within an agency. While some creative or advertising agencies are very general, and work with customers across all fields and activities, others, like the Journey Group, focus on a very specific type of audience. And even more interestingly, the Journey Group formed this audience through the strengths that the agency and workers had as a whole. Discovering that their target audience was non-profits and cultural institutions through their collective and collaborative skill sets really shows how an agency develops its own culture not only through the work that they are doing, but the strengths and weaknesses of the collective body of the company. I also found his knowledge of the client-firm relationship particularly interesting, because his knowledge was important insight for myself when I am working for an agency with clients. In addition, I found his approach to design to be interesting because I found some strengths and weaknesses in certain projects I did this semester. For example, I found it more difficult to work with the poster because I had a small set of space that I needed images and text to fit within. For the magazine and website assignments, I felt I had more freedom because there was more space for me to work with. So, through this course and hearing Greg Breeding speak, I felt I learned a lot about how graphic design and creativity is something everyone can have, but maybe all in different ways. Everyone can be creative, they just need to find the best outlet for that creativity to bloom.

Emily Casagrand

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