Greg Breeding and Graphic Design

The conversation with Greg Breeding was super interesting and taught me a lot about what careers in Graphic Design are like in real life. His workplace and company seemed like a really cool, unique place. Not only was the space itself interesting, but the projects his teams were working on seemed interesting as well.

One of the most interesting things about his work, in my opinion, were the stamps he worked on. I had previously never cared or even really noticed the artwork on stamps, but after seeing some of his designs it made me realize, like the video about Industrial Design, that everything is designed with a specific purpose or point in mind.

Overall, talking with him gave me a clearer view about what a graphic design job really entails, and what it would be like to work in a graphic design firm. It seems like an awesome, fun job, and there is so much that goes into everything they design: from planning to executing each design with their client’s needs in mind. I especially thought it was cool how he said that often times they will ask the client what they want, then come up with a  solution to their problem that may not be what they necessarily thought they wanted. I really liked that approach, because it seems like they keep their integrity to the message rather than their client, which I think is really important when trying to represent an issue or cause.

Amanda Boyd

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